Frequently Asked Questions

Is your Fall Festival open? The Fall Fest is only open on the weekends from September 15th– October 29th.

Why don’t you open with produce in April? We pride ourselves on growing the highest quality produce, we try not to bring in much imported produce. Remember good things come to those that wait. In Connecticut, depending on the spring we may not see native produce until late May.

What else can I find in the Farm Market? Aside from the 150 plus varieties of produce we grow, we also carry our own grass fed beef, local eggs, cheeses, and our own fresh salsa. We offer fresh bread, pies, and ice cream. Check out a list of local products on our Farm Market page.

What forms of payment are accepted at the farm market? We accept cash on all purchases. Credit and debit will be accepted on purchases of $10 or more. We offer our FWA Farm Credit card which gives you $10 % off. Check out this offer on our homepage!

Where do you grow your produce? Our produce is grown along the Connecticut River in the flood plain in Rocky Hill and Wethersfield.

Are you organic? We are not organic growers. Because we grow along the river and due to some of our restrictions, we have found that an intense IPM (Integrated Pest Management) program is the best method of growing for us. You can learn more about IPM here.

Do you sell manure, stone, or mulch? No, we no longer sell any of the above.

What do you have for plants? We sell annuals, perennials, tropicals, and vegetable starts. We have a wide variety of containers and sizes. We also do custom orders for private homes and businesses.

Do you have pick your own? No we do not. We are USDA GAP certified and do not allow non employees to pick in our fields.

How can I pay for my CSA? You can pay with cash, check, or charge. See the CSA page for more info.

Do you host weddings or special events? No we do not.

Can I bring my pet to the farm? Although we love animals, we do not allow pets in the Farm Market or at the Fall Festival.