Summer Share

Our Summer Share is a 16 week program that
starts Mid-June and runs the end of September

We offer three sizes:

Full: Family of Four

Pick up every week

Half: Family of Two

Pick up every week

Quarter: Family of Two

Pick up every other week

Members Responsibility: Pick up their share on designated day and within allowed timeframe. If you can’t pick up send a friend, family member, or coworker to pick it up.

Read the Weekly Newsletter, will be email to the above email this is the primary way we communicate with all of our members; there is some very important information in it.

Understand that your payment entitles you to a weekly share of produce and also the risk involved in agriculture. (Such as weather and crop failure)

Understand that as a member of the CSA I share in that risk and accept unforeseen outcomes

Fair Weather Growers Responsibility: Harvest produce that meets our high quality standard

Have shares packed and ready for pick-up on the designated days and time

Write and post Weekly Newsletter

We are a vegetable grower. Your box will be primarily vegetables. Fruits will be added only when available from local growers and feasible